Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Not long until Christmas

I bought my Christmas tree yesterday, from Miserden Nursery - an excellent place to buy a tree.  They trimmed it for me, put it in the car, and gave lots of helpful advice.  I had thought I would need to get it delivered, but it fitted in the car with no problems at all.  I even managed to get it into the house and into the tree stand all by myself.  Result!

I found the tree lights and decorations (after much searching in the attic) and spent a happy afternoon putting the various ornaments onto the tree.  My tree decorations are a motley selection (or should I say an eclectic mix) of individual ornaments and baubles, some new, but most going back years if not decades.   Two new ones this year - both presents from friends/family - a fluffy Christmas pudding and a felt reindeer wearing a red and white scarf.   I don't decorate the whole house - this is about it - but it shows willing.

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