Thursday, 18 December 2014

Crisp Winter Walks

As we get further into Winter, I get increasingly enthusiastic about the attractions of a bright blue sky, frost on the ground, and an invigorating walk.  So far this year, the weather has been quite kind, so there have been lots of opportunities for lovely walks.   I always have a willing companion to encourage me out of the house:

The scene below is taken from one of my walks on Besbury Common - an easy 40 minute walk straight from the front door.  The views across the Golden Valley (around Chalford) are beautiful.  We are spoilt for choice regarding walks with lovely views, as there are loads of public footpaths (historically these were mill workers paths to get from where they lived, up on the hills, down to the mills, which were by the rivers, down in the valley).

If there are any soggy and miserable days this winter (and I'm sure there will be), I will curl up inside instead (after a brisk walk with Betsy) and document some of the walks so that my guests can enjoy the countryside around Minchinhampton, and also some of my favourite walks a bit further afield.  The cats will keep me company, as they are usually tired out after their mouse-hunting exploits.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Not long until Christmas

I bought my Christmas tree yesterday, from Miserden Nursery - an excellent place to buy a tree.  They trimmed it for me, put it in the car, and gave lots of helpful advice.  I had thought I would need to get it delivered, but it fitted in the car with no problems at all.  I even managed to get it into the house and into the tree stand all by myself.  Result!

I found the tree lights and decorations (after much searching in the attic) and spent a happy afternoon putting the various ornaments onto the tree.  My tree decorations are a motley selection (or should I say an eclectic mix) of individual ornaments and baubles, some new, but most going back years if not decades.   Two new ones this year - both presents from friends/family - a fluffy Christmas pudding and a felt reindeer wearing a red and white scarf.   I don't decorate the whole house - this is about it - but it shows willing.